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A Chiropractic Reminder from Dr. Jan

Posted: December 16, 2022
By: Dr. Jan Ormsby

A Chiropractic Reminder from Dr. Jan

credit Nick YoungsonThe greatest gift that Chiropractic can give to humanity is the ability to have a nervous system that functions better than it did before Chiropractic, allowing impulses from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain flow at a very effective pace. We help the nervous system to function better and that allows the body to heal the way it was DESIGNED to. Our body was designed to heal itself however it can't do that without a proper nervous system supporting it.

Adjusting human spines for the relief of human ills has been documented for 200 years before Christ however it has only been called Chiropractic for 115 years. Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine (when doctors graduate from school they take the Hippocratic Oath which basically says; "First, DO NO HARM") said 2000 years ago, "Look well to the spine for the cause and prevention of disease".

The misunderstanding the general population has is that Chiropractic is about fixing kinks in necks and painful low backs. Yet Chiropractors are so much more far reaching than that. Allowing your body to work as it was designed, caring for it as if is the wonderful gift that it is and expressing your innate potential to the highest degree that you can is what Chiropractors are all about.

Thanks for being here with others who understand that the best way to heal is from the inside out and the less interference we put on that process allows for the best health to occur.

All of you are winners in my book!

Dr. Jan Ormsby

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